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Office & Commercial Cleaning Services - Professional, Efficient, Discrete

Smart Services 4 All is committed to providing professional, reliable cleaning service for your office or commercial premises. As a full service cleaning company that specializes - mostly - in office and commercial cleaning, our trained professionals provide quality service you can depend on each visit.

What do we clean:


  • Office premises
  • Medical/dental premises
  • Residential Communal Areas
  • Clubs & Fitness Centers
  • Schools
  • Pubs & Restarants
  • Small local businesses
  • Shopping Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Internal window cleaning
  • Driveways & office perimeters


Being a client-focused business, we have a commitment to providing dependable, personal service. With a custom cleaning plan, developed for each client, along with a well trained, uniformed team, and quality control measures, we provide the consistent, professional service, as any client require. This has resulted in many long term relationships, this being what we value most!

One more reason to use our services: when it comes to office cleaning and commercial cleaning, outsourcing simply makes financial sense: the cleaner(s) will be paid only when and how much you need them. On short: the superior quality control, unsurpassed detail, green cleaning options and 100% satisfaction guarantee of Smart Cleaning 4 All services, simply makes sense.

Key Benefits of Our Office and Commercial Cleaning Services


Obviously, almost any cleaning company will provide some sort of cleaning services. At least, you have to expect a thorough cleaning - after all, this is why you hired them.

However, there is a great deal of other things, that makes a real difference between one company and another. In our case, these things are:


Smart and discreet cleaning services

All our cleaners are accustomed to working in a commercial environment. They understand business procedures, are smartly uniformed and work discreetly to minimise any disruption


100% satisfaction guarantee

Hiring Smart Cleaning 4 All for your commercial or office cleaning is a no-risk decision. If you aren't happy with our cleaning work at any stage, just let us know. We'll happily clean the area again. If you still aren't happy, we'll refund your money – no questions asked.


Health and Safety aware

We are fully focused on applying safe working practice, in all aspects of our service delivery. By the way, have we mentioned that we are fully-insured?


Proactive cleaning services

We do not act unilaterally, but will always strive for a perfect clean. We bring up cleaning issues with you as they arise rather than leaving dust to gather on parts of your premises.


Account facilities

We are able to offer account facilities to regular commercial customers. Payment terms are 30 days. If you would like to open an account simply fill in our contact form and request an application form.


Green cleaning services option

If allergies or chemical sensitivities are an issue in your workplace, our green option for commercial cleaning services will suit you.

How it works


We Come and Visit You:

Once you have contacted us we come and visit you since it is easier to explain our services face to face. During this visit we will ask you about your current cleaning services and any problems you are encountering, and ask you to show us around the areas you would like cleaned. We will also ask you for a floor plan if you have one.


A Written Proposal:

After we have met with you, we will produce a fully costed, written proposal, which will include a cleaning schedule, with detailed information on what to be cleaned and how often to be cleaned.


Cleaning Staff are Assigned to Your Building:

When you choose to go ahead, cleaning staff will be assigned to you and briefed on the specific services required for your building. All staff are trained in best practice cleaning techniques, the safe use of chemicals, health and safety and customer service. In addition all staff wear a uniform and are fully vetted.


Day One of Your Contract:

Initially assessment will be conducted by a supervisor in accordance with our contract and a copy of the cleaning schedule is given to the cleaning team - we recommend this is stored in your on-site cleaning store.

The cleaning team allocated to you and a cleaning supervisor will arrive on site well before the cleaning start time. In addition cleaning equipment (such as mops, vacuums and chemicals) and consumables (such as toilet tissue) will be delivered before cleaning services commence.

The cleaning team will walk around all of the areas to be cleaned. They will be shown what to clean, how to clean it and how often. They will then carry out the cleaning, overseen by a cleaning supervisor.

At the end of the first shift the supervisor will conduct an inspection to make sure that the cleaning has been completed to the required standard as detailed in the cleaning services schedule.


Ongoing Management of Cleaning:

In order to ensure that a high standard of cleaning is maintained the following are undertaken:

  • Regular site inspections by a cleaning supervisor
  • Regular meetings and/or phone calls with the client
  • You will be given the mobile number of the Cleaning Supervisor allocated to you which you can call at any time
  • A comments book is provided so that you can leave comments for the cleaners on any aspect of the services provided

In this way, our team of trained and supervised staff will carry out all work to a schedule and standard that suits you.

Kind words from our clients

Our clients are the only ones who can tell you how truly satisfied they are with our:

  • work
  • communication
  • attention to:
    • details
    • budgets
    • schedules.

We can always provide a list of satisfied customers who, before starting work, to be selected at random to confirm the quality of our services - we would love to add you to the list too!

Below are some excerpts from actual email correspondence with our customers.

Spring Cleaning & End of Tenancy Cleaning

Thank you Flo,

Extremely good service. Your staff is very friendly, courteous and also did a very good job.

I would highly recommend your services!

Jane H.
London, N10

Dear Flo,

I was surprised how well you managed to do both properties in the same day. This allowed me one extra day, to furnish the flats, before to put on the market.

Hopefully we will be in touch in the future, whenever one of my properties will need end od tenancy cleaning. Meanwhile, I wish you a Merry Christmas and the best for next year!

Marion P.
London, SW1

Hi Flora,

We were extremely happy with the results, and since have recommended you to friends and family.

Diana and John D.
London, SW3

Carpet Cleaning

Dear Flo,

Very professional, many thanks for all the hard work! All carpets in our office look just as new, and I would (and will!) highly recommend you!

What impressed me, more than the quality of your services (which was brilliant) is your down to earth attitude, without “bells and whistles” or “sensationalized - sales - and - marketing - speak”.

Harry W.
London, NW3

Dear Flo,

Of course, you can pass my contact details, I would be more than happy to recommend your services!

Jo T.
London, HA6

Office and Commercial Cleaning


Dear Flora,

Thank you very much for the invoice. Everything is clear and we are very happy with your work.

In other news, I've spoke to our head office, and they approved the renewal of our contract with your company, both for cleaning and carpet cleaning services

Terry P.
London, NW5

Hi Flo,

We were extremely happy with the results, and since have recommended you to other companies from this building.

Valery D.
London, NW1

View our Public Liability policy details




  • Green cleaning services are methods of cleaning that uses the most environmentally-friendly methods and products available. Most conventional cleaning methods clean very well but have a negative impact on our environment and our health.

  • When normal chemical cleaners are used (like Ammonia, Bleach and other chemicals), it is ultimately washed down the drain of your sinks, toilets, showers and thrown in the garbage on paper towels. All of these are harmful to the planet. Inside the home or office, the chemicals used can also be harmful to people and pets. These cleaning chemicals can also cause allergic reactions in some people.

  • Smart Services 4 All uses the term "Green Cleaning" because it encompasses the entire process of what we offer and many people are familiar with the term "Green Cleaning."

  • Green cleaning services are for:

    • clients who are sensitive to the normal, harmful cleaning chemicals or who may have allergic reactions to everyday cleaning agents.
    • clients that would like to know that their home is cleaned with products that are safe for their family and pets
    • clients that want to help maintain our fragile planet's ecosystem.

    Whatever the reason for wanting green cleaning services by Smart Services 4 All, it's always a good idea to use safe, eco-friendly products whenever possible.

Why Are Normal Cleaning Chemicals Hazardous to People?

It is important for people to understand how toxins from cleaning chemicals can enter the body. The routes of exposure include inhalation, ingestion and dermal (through the skin) exposure. Below are the explanations of each of the different routes of of exposure:

  • Ingestion
    People can ingest cleaning chemicals that end up in drinking water, food and beverages. Cleaning agents used while cleaning can become airborne and end up in places you didn't think were possible, like inside your fridge or on your dishes and cups in your cabinets. Residues of cleaning products can also be found on food preparation surfaces that were left behind even after a thorough rinse.

  • Inhalation
    Inhalation is another route of chemical exposure and can cause very serious immediate health hazards. According to the EPA, indoor levels of pollutants may be two to five times and occasionally more than 100 times higher than outdoor levels of pollution. High indoor pollution levels can be caused by many different factors, including cleaning chemicals, air fresheners, soaps, detergents and other chemicals, combined with the already polluted outdoor air.

    High levels of indoor air pollution are even more concerning since people spend about 90% of their time indoors. Poor indoor air quality may come from exterior sources like ozone, radon, factories, manufacturing plants, auto exhaust and incinerators but also from sources within a home or office.

    Cleaning chemicals used to clean surfaces leave behind an odour (fumes) and usually a residue on the surface. Aerosol cans cause another hazard by adding even more fumes to the indoor air. These fine particles can harm a person's respiratory system, sometimes immediately. But over an extended amount of time can cause health complications later in life. As these chemicals pass from the lungs into the blood stream they can also affect the nervous system and other major organs of the body. This can result in symptoms like respiratory distress, dizziness, trigger asthma and other health problems.

  • Dermal Exposure
    Another route of exposure is absorption through the skin, also known as dermal exposure. Dermal exposure can occur when chemicals like 2-butoxyethanol (Aka "butyl cleaner") is used inside a home or office. This chemical is commonly found in many traditional cleaners and degreasers and is readily absorbed through the skin which can be toxic to the reproductive system in women and can cause health concerns in other major body organs. Repeated exposure of these types of chemicals can cause negative affects to one's health.

  • Is Green Cleaning An Effective Way to Clean?
    Yes! Green cleaning is a very effective method of cleaning: many times the cleaning solutions used are not only safe but can also clean better than most traditional cleaning agents. You can rest easy knowing your home or office was cleaned with the safest possible cleaning agents available today and enjoy a healthier indoor environment.

  • Does Green Cleaning Kill Germs and Bacteria?
    While some "green" cleaning solutions won't harm germs and bacteria, most green cleaning agents are specifically designed to kill germs and bacteria and are listed as "anti-bacterial". So they will kill germs and bacteria commonly found in homes and offices and other premises. These "anti-bacterial" products are what we use in our cleaning process.